THERMOSELECT Vivera The Environment Our most valuable possession If the synthesis gas from a THERMOSELECT facility is used for the synthesis of chemical products or is passed on to a power station, the THERMOSELECT process works with zero emissions. If own power production is integrated in a THERMOSELECT facility, the emission values are far below the most stringent European limiting values. Combining high temperature gasification, direct fusion and shock cooling, not only the formation of organic substances such as dioxins and furans is prevented, but the harmful substances contained in waste feedstock are also completely destroyed. The emission concentrations of the THERMOSELECT facility in Karlsruhe equipped with a steam turbine power station lie at least a factor of 5 below the statutory values. Comparison between the limits fixed by the European Directive on the Incineration of Waste 2000/76/EC and the emissions' value of the plant in Karlsruhe Apart from synthesis gas and water, the mineral granulate represents the third largest material flow. The resistance to the leaching test of this glass-like (vitreous) mineral fulfils the most stringent German and Swiss statutory requirements. The granulate has an earth’s crust quality. Eluate limiting values – German law (TA Siedlungsabfall = technical instruction domestic waste), landfill class 1 = 100%